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Hello! I’m Brian – Welcome to my page!

I’m a self-taught photographer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. After attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, I set out for an adventure throughout South East and Central Asia before settling into Tokyo where I have lived since 2004 with my wife and two children.

My creative efforts are a personal attempt to visualize my adopted home in the context of existing as an outsider within it. As a result of coming to photography at its digital and analog crossroads, I employ both modern and traditional methods and value the process of creating perhaps even more than the final result. It is at these strange intersections of perspective and method that have lead me to compositions and emotions in my personal work.

I am also a founding member of Photohoku, an ongoing volunteer photo-gifting effort that was born is a response the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, and has since evolved to have a much broader scope of using the gift of photography to help those in need.

My works have been featured in numerous publications and I exhibit (ir)regularly in Japan and internationally (although the Photohoku project has remained my primary focus for the last several years.) I tend to keep commercial work off of this website but I do work professionally and regularly in the fields of portraiture, editorial, product and commercial, architecture, fashion, and beyond. I am available always grateful for commissions and opportunities to collaborate, providing portfolios and references upon request.


Solo Exhibitions

Namazu’ – Tokyo, 2007
Monochrome Rainbows’ – Tokyo, 2007
Love Today’ ‒ Tokyo, 2008
Skycrapin by…’ ‒ Tokyo, 2009
Japandamonium’ ‒ Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2010

Group Exhibitions
Hanafuda Collective ‒ ‘Itazurako’ ‒ Tokyo, 2006
The Tokyo Beats ‒ ‘…And the Horse you road in on’ ‒ Yokohama, 2007
Engestu Satsuhou -‘円月撮法’- Tokyo, 2007
Wooloo ‒ ‘Urban Space’ ‒ Berlin, Paraty, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, 2008
The Tokyo Beats: Collaboration with Sean Wood ‒ ‘Hail to the Taxi’ ‒ Tokyo, 2008
The Tokyo Beats ‒ ‘The War on Reality’ ‒ Tokyo, 2008
Association Bricolages Ondulatoires et Particulaires ‒ ‘Nipponikong’ ‒ Paris, 2009
Photohoku ‒ ‘Photohoku” ‒ Tokyo, 2012
Tokyo 8×10 – ‘2019’


Send a mail to brian[at]brianscottpeterson.com or use this form.



Portrait by Katou Felipe

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